About Your Captain

No Limits Fishing Charter Captains PJ Baylis and Perry Baylis are a father-son duo, who combined have over 60+ years of local and international fishing experience. From pulling crankbaits for monster Walleyes across the reefs off Pelee Island, to dragging plugs off the coast of Panama for Wahoo and Sailfish, our knowledge of the extensive world of fishing helps us work together to bring you the best fishing experience with satisfying results. We are die hard fisherman who are constantly looking to innovate, overcome, and conquer any challenge we face. Avid tournament anglers, we try to participate in as many local fundraisers and derbys to show our support for our community.

Notable winnings include:

2000 Colchester Derby 1st place

2018 AMA Daily Big Fish 1st place

2019 AMA Daily Big Fish 2nd place

2019 Big Boyz Tournament 4th place


Small Vessel Operator Proficiency (SVOP)

Small Domestic Vessel Basic Safety (SDV-BS)

Restricted Operator Certificate Maritime (ROC-M)

Level A First Aid - CPR/AED